Friday, May 14, 2010

Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction

Purpose -The purpose of the Scott O'Dell award is to encourage writers, especially new writers, to write exceptional historical fiction for children.

History -Scott O'Dell (1898-1989) created this award in 1982 and won his own award in 1984. He wanted good historical fiction to be available for children to learn about their world. For the first two years of the award (1982, 1983), no awards were given because none of the books published the previous years were deemed good enough.

Facts -
*Administered by the Scott O'Dell Award Committee.
*Winner receives $5,000 cash award.
*O'Dell won the Newberry Award in 1961 for Island of the Blue Dolphins.
*O'Dell was born Odell Gabriel Scott and is likely related to Sir Walter Scott, the British writer.

Recent winner - Bo at Ballard Creek by Matt Phelan

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